Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Streams in the Desert

I recently started a devotional book entitled, Streams in the Desert, by L. B. Cowman. It is intended to be a devotional for every day of the year. The following is part of the description of the book written in the publisher's foreword: "In 1925 the first edition of Streams in the Desert was released. In it were thoughts, quotations, and spiritual inspiration which had helped to sustain Mrs. Charles E. Cowman during her years of missionary work in Japan and China - particularly the six years she nursed her husband while he was dying." This book is recommended especially for those going through difficult times. My husband and I often feel so overwhelmed spiritually, physically, and emotionally from dealing with conflicts and problems in the ministry we are serving in, and so we are planning to go through this devotional book together. In just the few days' devotionals in this book that I have read, I can tell already that this book will be a treasure. It looks like Amazon has this book for a very reasonable price.

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