Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jeff's Happy Day

When I was growing up, one of my favorite books was Jeff's Happy Day. It starts out with a little boy named Jeff who is bored one day during the summer. He has plenty of toys to play with, but he just doesn't want to do any of the things he usually likes. His mother gently admonishes him to start looking for little blessings that are given by God each day. Jeff goes on with his day, wondering just what his mother meant. Throughout the course of the day, he learns to enjoy funny cloud shapes in the sky, a little bird taking care of its babies, some bees busily working among some beautiful flowers, and a visit with a neighbor who shares some vegetables from her garden, and lemonade and cookies for a snack. At the end of the day, Jeff realizes that all of these things were little gifts from God, and that God gives many blessings each and every day if we will just look for them and be thankful to Him. I love this story! Spending the day looking for and being thankful for God's abundant blessings in my life makes all the difference in my attitude. It completely turns the day around from discouragement and discontentment to joy and peace.

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