Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not - Preparing Today for a Young Woman's Tomorrow, by Sara Carlson, is an excellent book especially for pre-teen and teenage girls. It talks about seeking God's will for your life, and explains key principles from God's Word in order to be able to better understand and obey God's Word. Sara writes, "Have you...set an agenda; or are you acknowledging God's hand in your future? Are you seeking what you want in life, or are you determined to follow God's plan?" This book is extremely beneficial for adult women as well, because the principles of complete surrender of our lives to God is needful at any age. It would also be helpful for mothers of girls, regardless of their daughter's age, to read this book. For me, my daughter is only three, but the truths in this book have already challenged me to think about how I can raise her to be prepared to serve God in the future.

Sara is the wife of evangelist Troy Carlson, who is also the Director of West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch in Arizona. For more information about the Bill Rice Ranch or to order the book Ready Or Not, you can visit their website here.

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